The S.D. Women’s College Alumni Cell continuously endeavors to strengthen the relations of the alumni of this Institute and their alma mater. It has been instrumental in organizing the Annual Alumni Meet, Regional Student Alumni Meet and invite feedback and suggestions on various issues.

The College Alumni Association aims to achieve the following:

1.To foster a bond among passed out students.
2.To foster a bond between passed out students and their Alma Mater. The Association helps students to keep in touch with the College and with each other.
3.Members of the Association act as role models for present students.
4.Experts, professionals and dignitaries from among the alumni can provide assistance to the Students through guest lectures, resource personnel and seminars. In this way they can help staff and students keep abreast of the latest developments in education, technology and job opportunities.
5.The Association helps channelize voluntary contributions from alumni members towards causes supported by it.
6.The Association provides updates about the new initiatives of the School, its academic and sports achievements, and other developments.