The College Hostel provides accommodation to 300girls. It is located inside the campus and very close to the main building of the College. It is managed by a superintendent, a Deputy Superintendent and an Accountant. It provides uninterrupted study hours to the boarders as it has a generator to supply electricity during the powercut. The Hostel has its own security arrangement and provides round the clock security to the boarders. The Hostel Mess is managed by the boarders on rotation basis. There is an executive body of Hostel consisting of a General Secretary, Asst. General Secretary, Mess Secretary, Asst. Mess Secretary, Editor, Wall Magazine and Asst. Editor, Wall Magazine. All the posts of secretaries and Editor are reserved for +3 students and the posts of Asst. Secretary and Asst. Editor for +2 students. The Hostel celebrates Independence Day, Republic Day, Ganesh Puja and Saraswati Puja. It also celebrates Annual Day with cultural activities towards the end of the session but before University and Annual CHSE Exams. It also conducts literary, song, dance, fine art and quiz competitions among the boarders.

Hostel Rules

1.No students shall be admitted to the Hostel unless she is admitted to the College.
2. Withdrawal from hostel requires the sanction of the Principal. No boarder shall be allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the Superintendent. The boarders must clear all hostel dues before leaving it.
3. Whenever the boarders leave hostel for holidays or personal purpose, they must apply to the Superintendent for leave and obtain permission.
4. The hostel shall remain closed during Puja, X-Mass and Summer Vacations.
5. The internal management of the hostel rests with the Superintendent.
6. The caution money shall not be utilized during the period of the boarder’s residence for realization of her dues.
7. Use of mobile, electric heater and iron are prohibited.
8. There shall be fixed hours of study and meals.
9. No boarder is allowed to entertain guest(s) without prior permission of the Superintendent.
10. Boarders are not allowed to take any direct action against any hostel servant. Complaints should be brought to the notice of the Superintendent.
11. The following are considered breach of discipline:
a)Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited in the hostel.
b)Absence from hostel without permission.
c)Neglect of study.
d)Absence during study hour.
e)Writing or disfiguring the wall, doors & windows.
f)Use of drugs, alcohol, intoxicant tobacco etc.
g)Playing of cards and any form of gambling.
h)The introduction of any unauthorized person.
i)Holding of any meeting without the approval of the Superintendent.
j)Disturbing one’s room-mates and others.
k)Misconduct of any other description.
12.Mess dues to be paid in advance before the last day of the preceeding month.
13.No special meal or food will be prepared for any boarder. Students who are used to special types(s) of food are advised not to stay in hostel.
14.The boarders must finish their meal within specified hours. No meal will be served to any boarder outside that hours.
15.Any other matter not covered by the above rules shall be referred to the Superintendent or the Principal whose decision shall be final and binding.
16.Father/guardian of each boarder of the hostel will submit the names of the visitors in the visitors list at the time of admission in the hostel. No visitor other than those mentioned in the list will be allowed to visit any boarder.
17.Visitors are allowed to visit the respective boarders between 4.30 p. m. to 6.00 p.m. On Thursdays and Sundays between 8.00 a. m to 10.00 a. m. visitors are not allowed to enter any room without obtaining specific permission of the Superintendent.
18.A student shall be nominated by the superintendent and she shall take a night roll call everyday at 6.00 p. m. and report to the Superintendent the position of presence / absence of the boarders.
19.No boarder can remain absent from the hostel beyond College hours without obtaining prior permission from the Superintendent.
20.No boarder shall be allowed to stay outside overnight except when she goes to her village / Father / Guardian.
21. The gate of the hostel will always remain closed. It will remain locked from 6.30 p. m. till 6.00 a. m.